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It is going to be a good month!

Well we were hoping for a big month and as of today we have already adopted 10 horses this month.  As mentioned in our last post we placed 4 horses  in the first 12 days.  Now only 6 days later we have placed another 6 horses!  Concorde’s Crown was adopted by and made his way earlier this week to his new home in PA.   Mulholland also left to his new home and Native Success will leave tomorrow. Both were adopted by individuals in Virginia.  Kit n Kabudha and Little Rock have also been adopted and are scheduled to leave in the next five days. We will have a busy weekend of horses coming in going.  So far on Saturday we have Runnin on Sunshine leaving for Indiana and two new geldings arriving, Snapper Dancer and Gambling Time.   There are 4 more horses scheduled to come then early next week.  We do have a new group that is almost ready to be posted on our website.  Here is just glimpse.  As soon as they have been fully evaluated they will be posted.





Prime Ticket


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Hoping for another big month

We have so many nice horses right now we are hoping to have another big month of adoptions.  So far this month Winter Message,  Little Elusive, and Interceptor have been adopted and have already moved onto their new homes.  Miss Krizz has also been adopted and will leave on Monday.  Concorde’s Crown has had a couple visitors as well as Mulholland. 

A couple horse to note are Three Point Star and Runnin on Sunshine.  Both have new photos and videos on the website.  Star is coming along well and starting to better understand his new job.  Sunshine is a jewel.  She really is a great horse to ride and wants to please.  Definitely take a second look at these two.

Three Point Star


Runnin on Sunshine


We have had a great week of donations too.  We had 1000 bales of hay donated by a private local farm.  This will help cut the cost of board at the Marysville facility.  Beulah Park also stepped up and is donating sand so we can finish our outdoor arena.  The cost of sand has gone up so this has been a huge blessing.  The sand is arriving as I’m writing this post which means we should be back working horse in the arena by next week.

We have had a couple new horses arrive so their details will come soon.  In the meantime please consider the horses we currently have on our website at

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Summer Heat is Here

It’s been two weeks since my last post and we have found homes for another 5 horses here at the Marysville facility.  Not only did Rex find a great home but his adopter decided to take Chuckie too:)   Hidalgo also found a home in Galloway, Ohio with a young girl who has already taking lessons on him.  Bri’s Bad Boy was only on our website for a couple days and was adopted over the weekend.  Bri will leave this evening along with Pretty  Quiet.  Both are going to their new homes in Kentucky via transport by Tapps Horse Transportation.  Broad Sweep who came in on the 16th and was in the process of being posted on our website when he got adopted over the weekend.  His adopter visited on Sunday to look at several other horses and fell in love with him instead.

Broad Sweep/ adopted



We have posted new photos and videos of most of the horses on our the website.  So if you haven’t checked them out in the last week I would encourage you to take a second look.  We also posted a new filly named Miss Krizz.  This beautiful filly is only 2yrs old and is a stunning liver chestnut . 



Last week we had two new horses arrive.  One was just gelded 3 weeks ago and is recovering well.  His name is Tormo Nain.  Tormo was bred and raced in Argintina and then came to the US in 2007.  He never made it back to the track due to minor osselets.  They are fully set now and he is gorgeous.  Tormo will be started back under saddle next week.  He was a difficult horse to work with at the track but has settled down significantly since his castration.  He is full of personality and life.  Tormo will be a great project for an very experienced handler/rider.

Tormo Nain/ 6 yr old gelding



The second horse was Native Success who just got castrated at the farm on the 19th.  He is recovering well and will start being ridden next week as well.    Only 15.3h but huge heart and big mover.

Native Success/ 5yr old gelding


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Rex found a home!

We are excited to say that Total Wreck aka “Rex” has found a home and will be leaving this week.  He was adopted by Kim Hillman from Michigan.  Since our last post we have had some new horses arrive and leave even before we could post their information on the website.   Mister White Socks and Louie where only on our website for 24hrs before both were adopted.   We also had a beautiful mare named Invigorate who was adopted prior to going on the website.  She will be leaving on Thursday for her new home in Cincinnati.  Willie Wiggins left last night for his new home in Kentucky where  he will finish out his rehab and then get started back  under saddle.



We have had two horses return to the program due to financial reasons.  This economy is effecting everyone.  But on the upside both horses have had a lot of schooling and training.  They are much better horses than when we first received them.  So adopters who do not feel comfortable putting in the training on some of our greener horses may now adopt one that has already been trained.  Even with the training we are keeping our fees low at $1000.  It would be hard to find a horse with the same training and quality of these two at that price.  Winter Message has not only had extensive schooling he has even been shown several times, been to hunter paces, and trail ridden.  Hidalgo has also had 3 years of schooling both on the flat and over fences.  He has been ridden by all different level of riders and has been a star.

Little Elusive also arrived in great condition.  We are just waiting for our farrier to pay us a visit so he can get front shoes and start working.  We also had a pretty 2 yr old filly arrive Miss Krizz.  She does have a minor injury but is stunning and should be okay for a new career. 

Little Elusive


Well that is just glimpse of what has been going on here in Marysville for the last 10 days.  More to come…..

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Derby Weekend

From Rolex to now Derby weekend time sure does fly.  Last weekend all of the New Vocations staff  worked the program’s booth at Rolex.  It was the first time in many years that we had 4 days of beautiful weather.  We sold over $4000 in t-shirts, sweatshirts, and books.  I must say the eventer crowd sure does appreciate the OTTBs. Over the four day event we had many previous adopters stop by to share their success stories.  It was great to hear how well our graduates are doing.  We also spent hours talking to potential adopters and sharing the benifits of adopting a Thoroughbred and Standardbred.  

After a long weekend we all made it back on Monday to find a barn full of new horses.  In the month of April the Marysville facility alone adopted 15 horses.  That is a full turn over in one month!    So over the past week we have had a new group of horses arrive.  Mr. White Socks and L’Oiseau d’Argent arrived from Saratoga.  Both geldings are classy and well bred with nice race records.  Three Point Star arrived from Mountaineer with no apparent injuries.   We have two beautiful mares now.  Runnin on Sunshine came up from Gulfstream and Pretty Quiet from Cleveland.  Both are stunning but have old knee injuries that will prevent them from doing anything competitive.  However, they are well bred and would make great broodmares.  Irwando also came in from his previous adopter who was no longer financially able to afford him.  He came back last week and already found a new home on Wednesday!

Today we have a nice gelding coming in from Arlington Park named Little Elusive.  Two more will appear over the next week.  It may take us a week to get everyone settled and evaluated so please be patient with getting further details on all of these horses.In the meantime visit our website and take a look at who we currently have that is ready for adoption.  We are hoping for another successful month of adoptions.

Happy Oaks and Derby!  If anyone wants to know how to make the best derby pie in the world give Carrie a call in the office and she will share her recipe.

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Getting ready for another busy weekend.

For the first time in over a year we have more horses leaving than coming in!  We actually still have a wait list but our horses are getting adopted so quickly that the trainers can’t get their horses in fast enough. It is a great problem to have!

Yesterday Amy and I (Anna) took Rex and Kyl out for a long trail ride.  Well actually it was a long ride on the road.  Everything is so muddy that we just took them out and down our quiet country road.  Both horses did extremely well.  We were faced with barking dogs, lawnmowers, trash cans, cyclist and a couple cars.  30-40 minute ride with all those things and they did great.  Kyl has found a home and will be picked up on Sunday.   His adopter is coming all the way from Georgia to get him.  Rex is still in need of a home.  I’m not sure why so many people have over looked him.  He is a nice gelding and would be a great pleasure or dressage mount.  He proved to us yesterday that he can face many challenges with out freaking out. You can check out his details at


Over the weekend we have two mares leaving on Saturday and one mare arriving.   On Sunday Kyl will be leaving at 8:30.  We have potential adopters coming to look at 9:00 and then at 2:00.  Both are bringing trailers, so we hope they leave full.   We have more horses scheduled to come in next week but since we will be at Rolex it may take awhile before they are posted on our website.  In the meantime check out our current horses.  Our TN facility has just posted several new horses and have more on the way as well.

ROLEX  We are still looking for volunteers to help out for 3 hours at this year’s Rolex event at the Ky Horse Park.

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The Revolving Door is Turning

We have been working hard to get all the new horses evaluated and up on the website.  Just today we posted 3 new horses and have already had several serious inquires.  All three are very nice individuals. 

Snafu who never made it on the website will be making her way down to KY to her new home later this week.  Then Silk weapon leaves today for Michigan and Lady tomorrow for TX.  We have had a lot of interest in several of our geldings specifically Rex and Buffum, but no one has committed yet.  In the meantime we will keep working with them until the right adopters come along.

One horse that has been with us for a month but is not ready to go on our website is Santa’s Gold.  He is a beautiful 6 yr old gelding by Trippi.  Santa is a nice quite gelding and had become one of the barn favorites.  He raced 30 times and won over 150k.  Santa is recovering for sore check ligaments.  He is improving and should be ready to start back under saddle in May.  In the meantime he is taking it easy.  If any approved adopter would like more information on him or would like to see him contact our Marysville office 937 642 3171 or


We are still gearing up for Rolex and need a more volunteers to help out at the booth for a couple hours.  Please contact Anna if you are interested at

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New Horses and Rolex


Over the last 5 days we visited Beulah Park’s backstreach, posted their horses on our website, adopted a couple horses, recieved horses, and now are working with the new horses and planning for Rolex.  It hasn’t stopped raining for two days so all the horses have a bit of cabin fever.  The worlds best equine chiropractor, Greg Neuman, paid us a visit yesterday and worked on several horses.  Greg sure knows how to keep us entertained on a gloomy rainy day:) 

Our Beulah Park visit was very interesting.  We will be taking in 6-7 of their horses over the next week and possibly more at the end of the month.  There were several trainers that would rather sell their horses then donate and a couple horses have injuries which will not fit into our program.  You can check out all these horses at

One horse we forgot to mention last week was our three yr old Lady.  She was adopted and will be leaving for her new home in Texas tomorrow.  Out of the new mares that came in it looks like we already found homes for Our Tia Dia and Snafu as broodmares.  Their adoptions are being finalized today.


Our Tia Dia




The other new mare All By Chance is now up on our website.  She would make a nice all around horse for a family.  Very sensible and loving, just a bit out of practice.



Chance Kyl has an unbelievable story.   This 12 yr old gelding raced 101 times, won 22 races and came second 22 times.  He earned just over 120K.  A true war horse and yet he is one of the soundest horses in our barn.  He raced from the age of 2 until this year at the age of 12.  Kyl is a gelding who loves life and loves to work.  We have just started him under saddle and will be posting more of his details in a couple days.  Any approved adopters are welcome to set up a time to visit him.



Volunteers Needed For Rolex!!!! April 22- 26, 2009

Finally, we are in need of volunteers to help us at our booth during Rolex.  If you have a couple hours to spare and would be able to sit at our booth, sell merchandise, and talk with current and potential adopters please contact us.

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Horses are getting homes!!!

Sorry for the delay.  Over the past two weeks it has been extremely busy time for New Vocations.  Gulfstream Park and the Horse Society Magazine hosted an after party at the Florida Derby.  Funds raised will go towards the Lexington expansion.  Then 4 days later we set up our booth at the Columbus Equine Affaire.  We were able to sell over $5,000 in  NV clothing and books.  We also had a seminar on Racehorse Rehabilitation and Adoption which was well attended.  It was nice to visit with so many of our adopters as well as meet potential adopters.  

At the barn there has been a revolving door of horses coming and going.  The following horses came into the program in the last two weeks:  Snafu, Hallzak, All By Chance, Nothintoit, Saintly Friend, Willie Wiggins, Chance Kyl, and Runway Sweetie.  And then the following were adopted: Hallzak and Wager went to their new home in Hilliard, Ohio to be pleaure horses.  Saintly Friend was adopted and went to SE Ohio to be a sporthorse broodmare.  Leah was adopted to a student in Kentucky to become a hunter jumper.   Nothingtoit went on to her new home in Mt Gilead, Ohio.

We will be evaluating the following horses over the weekend and will post their information early next week on our website.  


Snafu and All By Chance


Runway Sweetie and Chance Kyle

Today we had two different adopters come out to view horses and both adopted horses.  Silk Weapon was adopted and will be heading to Michigan in a couple days. Mulholland who never made it to our website will be leaving on Friday and going about 10 miles up the road to Sweet Clover Farm.

All of the Marysville staff will be going to Beulah Park tomorrow to evaluate horses that are in need of retirement.  We will keep everyone posted on what we find.  In the meantime please consider the horses we currently have on our website.  They are all coming along well and anyone who has been through our application process is welcome to call and set up a time to see them.

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Spring is Here!

We are all loving the warm weather but  can’t say we are enjoying the mud that comes with the Spring showers.  It has been a good week and we are now heading into a busy weekend.  And a Gentleman was only on our website for 9 hours before he was adopted by a local hunter jumper trainer.  He left on Thursday and is sure to be a super star.  We have 2 new mares coming in from Indiana, 1 gelding from southern Ohio, and a filly from Penn National.  We will be over capacity by the end of the weekend but there are several approved adopters coming on Monday to look at horses and Saintly Friend will be leaving soon as well. 

If there is anyone looking for a nice hunter or event prospect they should not over look Leah Grape.  She is a diamond in the rough.  We have continued to work with her and she continues to excel.  She is not your typical TB mare.  She has a wonderful disposition and truly wants to please.


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