We would like to welcome you to New Vocations’ Thoroughbred Blog. New Vocations currently is the largest racehorse adoption program in the US adopting an average of 300 retired racehorses each year. If you have ever wondered what goes on day to day at New Vocations you have come to the right place. It is our goal to use this blog as a way to keep you informed of all the daily happenings at our Marysville and Chattanooga facilities. Each week we have Thoroughbreds coming and going from both facilities. You will get an insiders look on who arrives days before they are listed on our website. We will also post some tips for basic care and training of OTTBs. Feel free comment on any of our postings and please spread the word and invite your friends to join us.



  1. Do you still have Tonche with you all?

  2. have 3 large paint horses 6-9yrs old that need a home our health is getting up in years.Willing to make a donation to provide R&B and training so someone cane adopt them out.

  3. Thanks sooo much for starting this blog! I have been following your rescue for the past year or so. I want to start a Thoroughbred rescue myself when I get older, so your site has been very helpful. I am also considering getting a horse from you at some point in the future. It has been very cool to be able to log on and read about the day-to-day happenings at NV. So, one again, Thanks soooo much!

  4. Your organization has been so wonderful for us and our Thoroughbred children. I think so far we have given into your care 6 of our race track retirees to find good homes and a new career and families to love them as we did. The follow up you do has allowed us to keep in contact, send race pictures and help answer any questions the new family might have about them. We have sent you a few that were pretty rauncy at the track b ut when these families get them they work miracles with them and the horses love it and thrive in their new enviroment. Whatever screening you do for horse and new owner is great! We have kept in contact with the owners and even went to watch Big Tom last year at the New Vocations Horse show in Columbus. He was one of the first we sent to you, my husband Tom foaled him here at our farm and of course named after him. He was hard to give up but he got a beautiful young lady as his new owner. Thank you for your commitment. We let everyone we know that is in the horse community about you and New Vocations. You are great!!!!

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