Posted by: newvocations | March 24, 2010

New horses arriving each day

If you haven’t noticed from the website we have had a big turn over lately with horses getting new homes.  As soon as one leaves another one fills their stall.  So needless to say we have a bunch of new horses.  I just posted three on our website today and we have five others that we are still evaluating.  For those approved adopters you are welcome to call the office and set up a time to see any of the horses listed on our website and even some of the ones I’m listing below.  Just keep in mind the ones below just came in this week and have not been ridden yet (except for Weather or Not). For more info check out our website at

Reform School, beautiful 5 yr old, 161h gelding.  He raced 16 times.  Had knee surgery as a 3 yr old but returned to the track and ran 10 more times with no soundness issues.

Weather or Not 5 yr old, 16h, bay mare.  Retired sound from racing.  We have ridden her and she is coming along well.  Sweet natured mare.

Runaway Spring 4 yr old gray, 15.3h gelding.  Raced 12 times, beautiful mover,  no apparent injuries

Ohio Society 7 yr old bay, 16h mare. No apparent injuries.  Raced 51 times, has had 9 months of turn out.

Beebs 7 yr old bay 15.3h mare.  Old bowed tendon, riding sound.  Raced 40 times and has had 9 months off.

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