Posted by: newvocations | January 28, 2010

Off to a good start!

Well so far we are off to a good start with our adoptions for 2010. Our Lexington facility adopted Wolloy Walker, War Axe, Harlan Station, Terra Verde, Crypto, Prime Delivery, and Samuri Storm as of today. Our Marysville facility adopted Unbridled Cass, Sam’s Marque, Heavenly Answer, Sense of Honor, September Star, and Chadwell as of today and possibly Tepexpan on Sunday.

Several of our geldings are coming along really well. The longer they are with us the more schooling they receive. Metinicus and Point to the Red continue to excel. Met seems to really like the challenge of doing something new by going over crossrails. Red is excelling under saddle on the flat. He is really starting to move well through his shoulder and is getting stronger behind. Although he is reported to be sound enough to jump this guy has dressage written all over him. We will be posting a new video of him tomorrow.

The true jewel is little Zoom. This guy wants to please and is always willing to do whatever is asked of him. He is going to be a horse that you should be able to just jump on and go. He is mr. steady eddie. Below is a new video. This was his first day going over ground poles.

For those of you who may have missed out on Unbridled Cass you should consider Hushabye Honey. She is a 5 yr old unraced mare. No injuries just too slow.

I’m sure she will not stick around long.

Joshua Jude is another new arrival. He actually came to us last year and we had him at a foster farm for several months so he could just relax. Well he is back and just started working under saddle. His video is below and the rest of his info will be posted on the website on Monday.

Well more to come soon……………..



  1. Where can you view New Vocation horses available for adoption at their other locations (Michigan, Kentucky)?

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