Posted by: newvocations | September 9, 2009

Productive Year So Far!

As of June New Vocations has successfully placed 140 racehorses into new homes!!!!!  With that success rate we should easily reach our goal of 300 horses this year.  We have had a very busy Summer.  In June we opened up our fifth facility in Lexington, Ky.  We have partnered up with West Wind Farm in Fayette Co.   Their farm manager, Lisa Molloy, is also managing all of the adoption horses for us as well.  So far she has successfully adopted out over 10 horses.  We only have 4-5 horses there at a time, however most of the horses have been adopted with in a couple weeks of their arrival.  Our goal is to eventually increase the number of horses at the facility once funding has been raised.

In opening the Lexington Facility we have made a wonderful contact with photographer Audrey Crosby.  Check out her website and the horses that we have adopted at:

In July we had the New Vocations Charity Horse  Show.  Over 200 horses and riders came to participate in this year’s event and over $40,000 was raised.  Below are a couple of our graduates that attended.




 Here at Marysville we have a new group of horses and several that have been with us are coming along extremely well.  We have posted new photos and videos of Three Point Star, Snappy Dancer, and Prime Ticket.  All three of these geldings have had a couple months of schooling so take some time to check them out.


Just this month Masarin, Free Class, Lady Shelley, and Victoria Anne have been adopted.  Keep your eye on the website.  There will be some new horses posted soon.




  1. I’m so glad you updated the blog! I just happened to check today and was so happy to see a new entry:-) Keep up the great work, and congrats on all your adoptions this summer.
    Masarin is doing great in his 2nd week here and we are working on lunging and ground manners. as well as helping him feel secure away from other horses. He is such a sweet boy and SUCH a ham-you guys weren’t kidding! He’s winning everyone over slowly but surely:)

    Sarah and Masarin (aka “Miles”)

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