Posted by: newvocations | June 30, 2009

Last Day of June

It’s hard to believe that this is the last day of June.  Time sure does fly.  After several weeks of 90 degrees with 100% humidity it is nice to see the forecast say we will be in the upper 70s -80s all week.  One thing to note to anyone with horses is that summer heat and flies can definitely cause  your horse to loose weight.  Here at the Marysville facility we have had to adjust our routine to help avoid this problem.  Since night turn out is not an option at the facility, horses are now only going out from 8-1pm , some come in even earlier if they are bothered by the flies.   This allows them to still get their turn out time during the cooler part of the day yet come in when the heat really sets in.  We are also increasing grain on some and feeding more hay through out the day to all the horses.  Lately I have received a lot of e-mails concerning how to feed an OTTB.  As stated in Beyond the Track here at New Vocations we start all our horses on at least  9lbs of a 12% grain along with unlimited hay.  Horses in need of gaining weight or horses over 1000 lbs will then receive up to 12lbs of a 12% grain.  We will also feed Ultimate Finish to some as a lunch supliment.  The bottom line is that the best way to help a horse gain weight is to increase their calorie in take and be sure that they are not burning to much calories during the day.

As for adoptions, this month at the Marysville facility we have adopted out 11 horses and all have already left the farm and are into their  new homes.   The eleven were Little Elusive, Winter Message, Interceptor, Concordes Crown, Mulholland, Miss Krizz, Native Success, Runnin on Sunshine, Little Rock, Biachamp, and Kit n Kabuddha.  Hard Moonshine was also adopted over the weekend but will only leave on Friday. 

We have posted several new horses including Santa’s Gold, Riflman, Mikesgoodandtough, Prime Ticket, Snappy Dancer and Runway Sweetie.  I would encourage everyone to check out the TB page at

We have also started taking in horses at West Wind Farm in Lexington, KY.  Our first two horses there are Little Wink and Samuri Storm.  Samuri has already been adopted and Little Wink is on our TB page.  We will have several new horses arriving there this week.  In the meantime you can check out the facilty at .



  1. Anna – Congratulations on the wonderful honor you received for your book! 🙂 Thanks for all that you and NV do!

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