Posted by: newvocations | June 18, 2009

It is going to be a good month!

Well we were hoping for a big month and as of today we have already adopted 10 horses this month.  As mentioned in our last post we placed 4 horses  in the first 12 days.  Now only 6 days later we have placed another 6 horses!  Concorde’s Crown was adopted by and made his way earlier this week to his new home in PA.   Mulholland also left to his new home and Native Success will leave tomorrow. Both were adopted by individuals in Virginia.  Kit n Kabudha and Little Rock have also been adopted and are scheduled to leave in the next five days. We will have a busy weekend of horses coming in going.  So far on Saturday we have Runnin on Sunshine leaving for Indiana and two new geldings arriving, Snapper Dancer and Gambling Time.   There are 4 more horses scheduled to come then early next week.  We do have a new group that is almost ready to be posted on our website.  Here is just glimpse.  As soon as they have been fully evaluated they will be posted.





Prime Ticket



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