Posted by: newvocations | June 12, 2009

Hoping for another big month

We have so many nice horses right now we are hoping to have another big month of adoptions.  So far this month Winter Message,  Little Elusive, and Interceptor have been adopted and have already moved onto their new homes.  Miss Krizz has also been adopted and will leave on Monday.  Concorde’s Crown has had a couple visitors as well as Mulholland. 

A couple horse to note are Three Point Star and Runnin on Sunshine.  Both have new photos and videos on the website.  Star is coming along well and starting to better understand his new job.  Sunshine is a jewel.  She really is a great horse to ride and wants to please.  Definitely take a second look at these two.

Three Point Star


Runnin on Sunshine


We have had a great week of donations too.  We had 1000 bales of hay donated by a private local farm.  This will help cut the cost of board at the Marysville facility.  Beulah Park also stepped up and is donating sand so we can finish our outdoor arena.  The cost of sand has gone up so this has been a huge blessing.  The sand is arriving as I’m writing this post which means we should be back working horse in the arena by next week.

We have had a couple new horses arrive so their details will come soon.  In the meantime please consider the horses we currently have on our website at



  1. I have just in the past 2 days come across your website and am so impressed. I live in Manchester, MI. which is only about 15 minutes away from you facility here and am excited to become a volunteer for you there. I presently own a young horse that has a ways to go before riding age and was looking for a horse for my daughter when i came aross your site. I have owned an off the track horse in the past and was soo in love with her. She was an excellent horse to have around and was very kid safe. She was used as a hunter and my daughter showed her to many championships here in Mi. Now that she’s sadly gone am wanting another ex-racer to have around and give a good life to. It makes my heart happy to know there are organizations out there like yours to help these wonderful, sensitive creatures have a second chance for a good life after they have finished their first career. There is nothing, NOTHING on earth that can compare to the feeling one gets from being accepted as one of the herd. God really outdid himself when he created the horse. Thank You so much for all the horses you have saved.

    • Thanks for sharing. You should contact Winnie who runs our MI facility. Her e-mail is

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