Posted by: newvocations | May 27, 2009

Summer Heat is Here

It’s been two weeks since my last post and we have found homes for another 5 horses here at the Marysville facility.  Not only did Rex find a great home but his adopter decided to take Chuckie too:)   Hidalgo also found a home in Galloway, Ohio with a young girl who has already taking lessons on him.  Bri’s Bad Boy was only on our website for a couple days and was adopted over the weekend.  Bri will leave this evening along with Pretty  Quiet.  Both are going to their new homes in Kentucky via transport by Tapps Horse Transportation.  Broad Sweep who came in on the 16th and was in the process of being posted on our website when he got adopted over the weekend.  His adopter visited on Sunday to look at several other horses and fell in love with him instead.

Broad Sweep/ adopted



We have posted new photos and videos of most of the horses on our the website.  So if you haven’t checked them out in the last week I would encourage you to take a second look.  We also posted a new filly named Miss Krizz.  This beautiful filly is only 2yrs old and is a stunning liver chestnut . 



Last week we had two new horses arrive.  One was just gelded 3 weeks ago and is recovering well.  His name is Tormo Nain.  Tormo was bred and raced in Argintina and then came to the US in 2007.  He never made it back to the track due to minor osselets.  They are fully set now and he is gorgeous.  Tormo will be started back under saddle next week.  He was a difficult horse to work with at the track but has settled down significantly since his castration.  He is full of personality and life.  Tormo will be a great project for an very experienced handler/rider.

Tormo Nain/ 6 yr old gelding



The second horse was Native Success who just got castrated at the farm on the 19th.  He is recovering well and will start being ridden next week as well.    Only 15.3h but huge heart and big mover.

Native Success/ 5yr old gelding




  1. Can Broad Sweep’s new owner contact me? I own his mother, Broad Account, and would love to follow his progress.

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