Posted by: newvocations | May 12, 2009

Rex found a home!

We are excited to say that Total Wreck aka “Rex” has found a home and will be leaving this week.  He was adopted by Kim Hillman from Michigan.  Since our last post we have had some new horses arrive and leave even before we could post their information on the website.   Mister White Socks and Louie where only on our website for 24hrs before both were adopted.   We also had a beautiful mare named Invigorate who was adopted prior to going on the website.  She will be leaving on Thursday for her new home in Cincinnati.  Willie Wiggins left last night for his new home in Kentucky where  he will finish out his rehab and then get started back  under saddle.



We have had two horses return to the program due to financial reasons.  This economy is effecting everyone.  But on the upside both horses have had a lot of schooling and training.  They are much better horses than when we first received them.  So adopters who do not feel comfortable putting in the training on some of our greener horses may now adopt one that has already been trained.  Even with the training we are keeping our fees low at $1000.  It would be hard to find a horse with the same training and quality of these two at that price.  Winter Message has not only had extensive schooling he has even been shown several times, been to hunter paces, and trail ridden.  Hidalgo has also had 3 years of schooling both on the flat and over fences.  He has been ridden by all different level of riders and has been a star.

Little Elusive also arrived in great condition.  We are just waiting for our farrier to pay us a visit so he can get front shoes and start working.  We also had a pretty 2 yr old filly arrive Miss Krizz.  She does have a minor injury but is stunning and should be okay for a new career. 

Little Elusive


Well that is just glimpse of what has been going on here in Marysville for the last 10 days.  More to come…..



  1. That is awesome that “Rex” found a home. I was interested in him before I got “Brian”. You are a wonderful place to find a wonderful horse!

    • Kim: Did you know the The In Credible Chuck came home with me also. Both big sweet hearts.

  2. Hello Kim, It has been one week today . That Rex’s has come home. He follows me every where. Loves to go on long walks. Loves to explore. He is so very sweet. He puts his nose down for me to kiss it. I just can’t get over having him with me. I am very lucky. Well wishes for you and Brian. Thanks so much for the note.. kim

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