Posted by: newvocations | April 17, 2009

Getting ready for another busy weekend.

For the first time in over a year we have more horses leaving than coming in!  We actually still have a wait list but our horses are getting adopted so quickly that the trainers can’t get their horses in fast enough. It is a great problem to have!

Yesterday Amy and I (Anna) took Rex and Kyl out for a long trail ride.  Well actually it was a long ride on the road.  Everything is so muddy that we just took them out and down our quiet country road.  Both horses did extremely well.  We were faced with barking dogs, lawnmowers, trash cans, cyclist and a couple cars.  30-40 minute ride with all those things and they did great.  Kyl has found a home and will be picked up on Sunday.   His adopter is coming all the way from Georgia to get him.  Rex is still in need of a home.  I’m not sure why so many people have over looked him.  He is a nice gelding and would be a great pleasure or dressage mount.  He proved to us yesterday that he can face many challenges with out freaking out. You can check out his details at


Over the weekend we have two mares leaving on Saturday and one mare arriving.   On Sunday Kyl will be leaving at 8:30.  We have potential adopters coming to look at 9:00 and then at 2:00.  Both are bringing trailers, so we hope they leave full.   We have more horses scheduled to come in next week but since we will be at Rolex it may take awhile before they are posted on our website.  In the meantime check out our current horses.  Our TN facility has just posted several new horses and have more on the way as well.

ROLEX  We are still looking for volunteers to help out for 3 hours at this year’s Rolex event at the Ky Horse Park.



  1. Anna,
    I am so Jealous that Amy is getting to come get Kyl without me!! I would love the chance to actually come up there and visit you guys and see where my boys come from!! I told Kim she needs to look at Rex!! Keep up the good wok!

  2. Amy, Thank you for helping Amy and I this morning with Brian and Kyl. They did wonderful on the 12 hour ride home to Georgia!

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