Posted by: newvocations | April 14, 2009

New Horses and Rolex


Over the last 5 days we visited Beulah Park’s backstreach, posted their horses on our website, adopted a couple horses, recieved horses, and now are working with the new horses and planning for Rolex.  It hasn’t stopped raining for two days so all the horses have a bit of cabin fever.  The worlds best equine chiropractor, Greg Neuman, paid us a visit yesterday and worked on several horses.  Greg sure knows how to keep us entertained on a gloomy rainy day:) 

Our Beulah Park visit was very interesting.  We will be taking in 6-7 of their horses over the next week and possibly more at the end of the month.  There were several trainers that would rather sell their horses then donate and a couple horses have injuries which will not fit into our program.  You can check out all these horses at

One horse we forgot to mention last week was our three yr old Lady.  She was adopted and will be leaving for her new home in Texas tomorrow.  Out of the new mares that came in it looks like we already found homes for Our Tia Dia and Snafu as broodmares.  Their adoptions are being finalized today.


Our Tia Dia




The other new mare All By Chance is now up on our website.  She would make a nice all around horse for a family.  Very sensible and loving, just a bit out of practice.



Chance Kyl has an unbelievable story.   This 12 yr old gelding raced 101 times, won 22 races and came second 22 times.  He earned just over 120K.  A true war horse and yet he is one of the soundest horses in our barn.  He raced from the age of 2 until this year at the age of 12.  Kyl is a gelding who loves life and loves to work.  We have just started him under saddle and will be posting more of his details in a couple days.  Any approved adopters are welcome to set up a time to visit him.



Volunteers Needed For Rolex!!!! April 22- 26, 2009

Finally, we are in need of volunteers to help us at our booth during Rolex.  If you have a couple hours to spare and would be able to sit at our booth, sell merchandise, and talk with current and potential adopters please contact us.



  1. It is great to hear that Snafu might be getting adopted. Her old trainer trains some of our horses. One of our horses was good buddies with Snafu and I am sure Grizzly Girl will miss her!

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