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Summer Update

It has been a busy summer for us all.  Between horse shows…opening new facilities…and the constant revolving door of horses coming and going we have our days full. We hope everyone will come out and either compete or simply watch next weekends New Vocations Charity Horse Show in Delaware, Ohio.  We are still taking in dressage entries so please feel free to fax them over to Sue Black at 937-689-1031.  Our entry forms can be found on our website at .  So far our stalls are filling up quickly for the hunter portion of the show.  If you need a stall please call our office at 937-642-3171.

I wanted to post a couple horses that just came in that are still in our evaluation process.  Approved adopters are welcome to inquire but know that we are still evaluating them.

Type A Personality  5 yr old gelding, 16.1 1/2h

Karakorum Playmate, 5 yr old mare 15.3h

We also have 3 others that will be photographed tomorrow. In the meantime be sure to check out all of the Thoroughbreds we have listed on our website at

We have a lot of nice horses that are working well under saddle, have great minds, and are quality individuals.  Don’t let our low prices fool you.  We offer our horses at lower fees because our goal is to place them quickly into homes that can continue their education.  Also our low fees allow our adopters to spend more money on the care and training of the horse.

Prince of Wealth

Charlott Humor

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New horses arriving each day

If you haven’t noticed from the website we have had a big turn over lately with horses getting new homes.  As soon as one leaves another one fills their stall.  So needless to say we have a bunch of new horses.  I just posted three on our website today and we have five others that we are still evaluating.  For those approved adopters you are welcome to call the office and set up a time to see any of the horses listed on our website and even some of the ones I’m listing below.  Just keep in mind the ones below just came in this week and have not been ridden yet (except for Weather or Not). For more info check out our website at

Reform School, beautiful 5 yr old, 161h gelding.  He raced 16 times.  Had knee surgery as a 3 yr old but returned to the track and ran 10 more times with no soundness issues.

Weather or Not 5 yr old, 16h, bay mare.  Retired sound from racing.  We have ridden her and she is coming along well.  Sweet natured mare.

Runaway Spring 4 yr old gray, 15.3h gelding.  Raced 12 times, beautiful mover,  no apparent injuries

Ohio Society 7 yr old bay, 16h mare. No apparent injuries.  Raced 51 times, has had 9 months of turn out.

Beebs 7 yr old bay 15.3h mare.  Old bowed tendon, riding sound.  Raced 40 times and has had 9 months off.

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Spring is Here!

After a long and harsh Winter we are now starting to see signs of Spring! Not only is the weather getting warmer and the days longer we are seeing more adopters come out of the wood work.  Just over the weekend we had 5 horses adopted from our Marysville facility and several others earlier in the week from our Lexington facility.  With so many horses finding homes we have a whole new group arriving.  Below is a sneak peak of  some of the new guys.  More photos and videos will be posted on the website once the horses have been further evaluated.  Anyone who has an approved application on file might want to set up an appointment.  Our barn is full and there is surely something here for everyone.

Deputy Indy  8yr old bay gelding, 16h

Leningrad 6 yr old 16.2h gelding

Phillyontheedge  By The Cliff’s Edge, 4 yr old 16.2 1/2 filly

Gimmie My Dough 6 yr old 16h gelding

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Off to a good start!

Well so far we are off to a good start with our adoptions for 2010. Our Lexington facility adopted Wolloy Walker, War Axe, Harlan Station, Terra Verde, Crypto, Prime Delivery, and Samuri Storm as of today. Our Marysville facility adopted Unbridled Cass, Sam’s Marque, Heavenly Answer, Sense of Honor, September Star, and Chadwell as of today and possibly Tepexpan on Sunday.

Several of our geldings are coming along really well. The longer they are with us the more schooling they receive. Metinicus and Point to the Red continue to excel. Met seems to really like the challenge of doing something new by going over crossrails. Red is excelling under saddle on the flat. He is really starting to move well through his shoulder and is getting stronger behind. Although he is reported to be sound enough to jump this guy has dressage written all over him. We will be posting a new video of him tomorrow.

The true jewel is little Zoom. This guy wants to please and is always willing to do whatever is asked of him. He is going to be a horse that you should be able to just jump on and go. He is mr. steady eddie. Below is a new video. This was his first day going over ground poles.

For those of you who may have missed out on Unbridled Cass you should consider Hushabye Honey. She is a 5 yr old unraced mare. No injuries just too slow.

I’m sure she will not stick around long.

Joshua Jude is another new arrival. He actually came to us last year and we had him at a foster farm for several months so he could just relax. Well he is back and just started working under saddle. His video is below and the rest of his info will be posted on the website on Monday.

Well more to come soon……………..

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Happy New Year

We are currently gathering all of our numbers from our five facilities. We are still going over and cross checking all the info but it is safe to say that we adopted over 330 retired racehorses in 2009.  That’s right.  Our goal was 300 and we went way over it.  With that said we are still receiving new horses on a weekly and sometimes daily basis.  Below is just a couple highlights of horses we just posted or that we are getting ready to post.  There are horses with all different levels of experience, different ages, and athletic abilities.  Check them out at

Unbridled Cass… Unraced, sound, just turning  3 and a 10 mover.  She is a great hunter/jumper prospect.  View more info and her video at

Chadwell is a cute 4 yr old gelding, lightly raced, sound and athletic..more info to come.

Zoomin Zabel… a sweet guy, easy to ride, and handle. more info go to

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Two weeks left for our half off Sale!!!

With only 2 weeks left in December we are encouraging any approved adopters to feel free to set up a time to visit our horses at any the five locations.   We will be available to show horses over the next several days including this coming weekend.  The best way to decide which horse is right for you is to simply come out and take a look. 

Below is a list of horses still being evaluated.  A couple will need sometime to heal from minor injuries.  More information will be posted on them as it come available.

CBT Trick Halo, 4 yr old gelding

Polish Crown 8 yr old mare

Free Class 9 yr old gelding

Spinetta 3 yr old filly

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Consider Giving a Retired Racehorse a Home for the Holidays

We are quickly approaching the end of the year and are hoping to reach our goal of 300 horses adopted this year.  We are very close so we are doing a special of 50% off all listed adoption fees for all horses adopted and picked up by January 1st. 

In the last month we adopted 14 horses from the Marysville facility and many more from our other four facilities.  This month we hope to adopt even more and so far we have started off well.  Segal left this morning and is on his way to his new home in Michigan. 

We have had a whole new group of horses arrive.   Trippi’s Storm, Spinetta, and Sargent Seattle arrived from Belmont Park.  Tepexpan arrived from the Fair Grounds, Pick a Color from Monmouth Park, and Jungle Jill from Ocala, Florida.  All came in with beautifully clipped coats.  We have been evaluating them over the last week and several will be started under saddle this week.    Here is a sneak peak on what we have……more information to come…approved adopters are welcome to call for more information.

Sargent Seattle, 4 yr old, just gelded

Spinetta, 3 yr old filly, minor soreness in right ankle, being vetted Thursday

Trippi’s Storm, 2007 Breeders Cup Mile Contender, ADOPTED

Tepexpan, 7 yr old gelding, true gem

Pick a Color, 3 yr old filly

Jungle Jill, 3 yr old filly

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Going into Fall

We had a nice September and want to thank everyone who supported our Little Brown Jug Party.  We successfully raised over $50,000 with over 500 people at the event.

In the past, September has been our slowest month for adoptions.  This year has been no exception.  Even though we have had over 7 horses leave this month  (from Marysville) there are so many more needing good homes.  We are looking forward to adopting out more in October.  Anyone looking for a good winter project should definitely keep an eye on our website.  We take great pride in offering the equestrian world with a quality group of Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds at a very affordable adoption fee of $0-$700. 

Also anyone looking for a broodmare prospect should try to adopt sooner rather than later.  Mares coming off the track need time for their bodies adjust and be ready to get in foal.  Breeders who adopt in the fall have a much higher success rate of getting the mares in foal than those who wait till January.  Currently we have 3 mares available, one has already had foals successfully and the other two are maidens.  All three are also riding sound and rather talented.

One of our horses that continues to be over looked is Prime Ticket.  This big gelding came to us in the spring from Keeneland.  He has actually grown an inch since he arrived and has filled out well.  He has been started over fences which he really seems to enjoy.   Prime is a like a little kid in an oversized body.  Definitely take sometime to check him out.


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Productive Year So Far!

As of June New Vocations has successfully placed 140 racehorses into new homes!!!!!  With that success rate we should easily reach our goal of 300 horses this year.  We have had a very busy Summer.  In June we opened up our fifth facility in Lexington, Ky.  We have partnered up with West Wind Farm in Fayette Co.   Their farm manager, Lisa Molloy, is also managing all of the adoption horses for us as well.  So far she has successfully adopted out over 10 horses.  We only have 4-5 horses there at a time, however most of the horses have been adopted with in a couple weeks of their arrival.  Our goal is to eventually increase the number of horses at the facility once funding has been raised.

In opening the Lexington Facility we have made a wonderful contact with photographer Audrey Crosby.  Check out her website and the horses that we have adopted at:

In July we had the New Vocations Charity Horse  Show.  Over 200 horses and riders came to participate in this year’s event and over $40,000 was raised.  Below are a couple of our graduates that attended.




 Here at Marysville we have a new group of horses and several that have been with us are coming along extremely well.  We have posted new photos and videos of Three Point Star, Snappy Dancer, and Prime Ticket.  All three of these geldings have had a couple months of schooling so take some time to check them out.


Just this month Masarin, Free Class, Lady Shelley, and Victoria Anne have been adopted.  Keep your eye on the website.  There will be some new horses posted soon.


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Last Day of June

It’s hard to believe that this is the last day of June.  Time sure does fly.  After several weeks of 90 degrees with 100% humidity it is nice to see the forecast say we will be in the upper 70s -80s all week.  One thing to note to anyone with horses is that summer heat and flies can definitely cause  your horse to loose weight.  Here at the Marysville facility we have had to adjust our routine to help avoid this problem.  Since night turn out is not an option at the facility, horses are now only going out from 8-1pm , some come in even earlier if they are bothered by the flies.   This allows them to still get their turn out time during the cooler part of the day yet come in when the heat really sets in.  We are also increasing grain on some and feeding more hay through out the day to all the horses.  Lately I have received a lot of e-mails concerning how to feed an OTTB.  As stated in Beyond the Track here at New Vocations we start all our horses on at least  9lbs of a 12% grain along with unlimited hay.  Horses in need of gaining weight or horses over 1000 lbs will then receive up to 12lbs of a 12% grain.  We will also feed Ultimate Finish to some as a lunch supliment.  The bottom line is that the best way to help a horse gain weight is to increase their calorie in take and be sure that they are not burning to much calories during the day.

As for adoptions, this month at the Marysville facility we have adopted out 11 horses and all have already left the farm and are into their  new homes.   The eleven were Little Elusive, Winter Message, Interceptor, Concordes Crown, Mulholland, Miss Krizz, Native Success, Runnin on Sunshine, Little Rock, Biachamp, and Kit n Kabuddha.  Hard Moonshine was also adopted over the weekend but will only leave on Friday. 

We have posted several new horses including Santa’s Gold, Riflman, Mikesgoodandtough, Prime Ticket, Snappy Dancer and Runway Sweetie.  I would encourage everyone to check out the TB page at

We have also started taking in horses at West Wind Farm in Lexington, KY.  Our first two horses there are Little Wink and Samuri Storm.  Samuri has already been adopted and Little Wink is on our TB page.  We will have several new horses arriving there this week.  In the meantime you can check out the facilty at .


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